MUNGAI位於托斯卡尼皮斯托雅的手工刺繡工坊,有著將近百年的歷史,現任經營者Edi Mungai的母親創立了這間公司,並將刺繡的經驗與技術一併交付給她,Edi接手後將心力用於刺繡圖樣的開發、新布料和設計的運用,並將學校的知識與母親的教導做結合,成功地使這個歷史悠久的品牌現代化。


     時至今日,MUNGAI仍然由Edi Mungai以及她的兩個孩子Sara與Matteo Bargiacchi所經營著,為傳統價值與現今需求的結合尋找最合適的平衡,在這一百多年的歷史中,MUNGAI致力於守護其珍貴的產品價值,不斷的與當下盛行的「快時尚」做抗爭,對於MUNGAI來說,每件商品都是獨特且重要的,除了能一輩子被使用之外,還必需能一代接一代的傳承下去,對品質的如此堅持,是MUNGAI從過去到未來不變的品牌理念。

     HISTORY, KNOW-HOW, PASSION, TRADITION and INNOVATION are the elements that characterize the company MUNGAI. MUNGAI interprets and modernizes the great Italian sartorial tradition as well as the refinement and typical taste of the Florentine area and of Tuscany in general. MUNGAI is an elegant and seductive world, made of attention to detail, choice of raw materials, style and quality control. All aimed at satisfying every expectation of the most demanding client.

     The MUNGAI hand embroidery workshop, located in Pistoia, has roots going back to the early 1900s. The company was started by the current owner's mother, who passed her experience and skill on to her daughter, Edi Mungai. She modernized her mother's approach by developing new styles of embroidery, utilizing new fabrics and new designs, and complementing her mother's knowledge and experience with what Edi had learnt at school.

     The MUNGAI Company began to work with famous shops in Milan, Venice, Verona, and Turin. Many items were bought by national and international figures, including sets of bed linens for a famous European princess as well as curtains to furnish the premises of an Italian prime minister. In recent years, the company has continued to grow. In 1996 it started to produce high-quality pocket squares and handkerchiefs, made exclusively by hand and a meticulous attention to detail, which are sold in the foremost national and international shops.

     Today the company is run by Edi Mungai and her children Sara and Matteo Bargiacchi, who are finding solutions to the challenge of combining the values of the past with the demands of today. A product from MUNGAI gives value to something precious, to something which incorporates a tradition that, for more than one hundred years, has resisted the "disposable" logic of today. For MUNGAI , each individual item is important, created to last a lifetime and to be passed on to future generations.  This philosophy encapsulates the company's expertise, attention to detail, and imagination- all with an eye toward the future.

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