儘管大部分的人對RING JACKET感到很陌生,這個經典男裝品牌卻有著超過六十年的豐富歷史,這間於1950年代中期成立的公司,誕生於對服裝的熱情與對品質的堅持,他們的目標很簡單,那便是「製作出如訂製服水準般的成衣」,自創立以來,RING JACKET的產品皆使用全毛襯結構,並由經驗豐富的匠人們,在大阪自家的工坊內親手完成,RING JACKET也不斷的與世界上最優質的紡織廠共同開發專屬面料,為自家的產品增添了獨特性。

     如今,RING JACKET為經典男裝市場提供由日本匠人製造、深具義大利南方風格的服飾,為現代風格與舒適性下了全新的註解。

     Though Ring Jacket is new to most of the world, the brand has a rich history that dates back more than 60 years. During the mid-1950's, the company was born out of a passion for clothing and a commitment to quality. The goal was clear: to produce ready-to-wear clothing that was of the same caliber as custom-made garments. Since the beginning, Ring Jacket has produced their tailored clothing in-house, with a full-canvas construction that utilizes the hand-sewing skills of the artisans in their Osaka workshop. Known in part for their distinctive fabrics, Ring Jacket collaborates with the finest mills in the world to develop unique cloths that are exclusively their own.

     Today, Ring Jacket offers a beautifully made Japanese garment with a distinct Italian flavor - classic clothing reinterpreted in a modern and comfortable way.

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