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     成長於倫敦的Roshini Aluwihare在切爾西藝術與設計學院打下了珠寶設計的基礎後,又於約翰・卡斯爵士藝術、建築和設計取得了珠寶與商學的榮譽學士學位。在大學時期專注於陶瓷器藝術的經歷啟發了她之後對搪釉(琺琅)的濃厚興趣。

     身為一個珠寶設計師,Roshini發現男性在精品配飾的選擇上十分有限,於是她決定於1987年成立Codis Maya:一個專為男性製造玻化釉(Vitreous Enamel)配飾的品牌。除了著名的玻化釉之外,寶石、木頭、牛角、銀與金等材料也常常出現在Roshini所設計的配飾上。

     每樣Codis Maya的產品設計都是由Roshini親手繪製而成,這些圖稿會被送至英國當地的工廠與工坊內,使用複雜的技術與工藝進行開發,如此繁瑣的工序在這個注重效率的時代裡更顯得難能可貴,整個生產過程需要費時三至數個月,由十多位來自不同領域的匠人親自監督,以確保產品的品質與完整性。

     自80年代為Liberty London設計的一系列男性配飾開始,Codis Maya便在國際精品市場上打響了名號,為各大品牌提供男性精品配飾的開發與生產,至今,他們的客戶包含了LOEWE、Christian Dior、Louis Vuitton等奢侈品巨擘以及Paul Smith、Turnbull & Asser等被經典男裝愛好者所熟悉的名字。

     Roshini Aluwihare grew up in London. She completed a foundation at Chelsea College of Arts and later received BA Honours in Jewellery & Business Studies at Sir John Cass School of Art and Design. A focus on ceramics during her time at the college led to an interest in working with enamel.

     As a jewellery designer, Roshini observed a distinct lack of choice available in men's accessories at the time. She founded Codis Maya in 1987, principally creating pieces for men using vitreous enamel. A variety of other materials are also used such as precious stones, wood, horn, silver and gold.

     Each Codis Maya design is illustrated by hand. These go on to be developed in British factories and workshops using highly skilled and artisanal processes that the company strives to preserve in an age of mass manufacturing. The results are beautiful bespoke objects that have passed through the hands of up to ten different craftspeople and take around three months to create.

     Since its first collection of pins and badges for Liberty in the 80s, Codis Maya has grown to become a recognised name, predominantly behind the scenes of the menswear business, creating exclusive collections of jewellery and accessories for some of the world's luxury fashion houses.

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