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     1970年,品牌創始人Frank的女友(現任太太)將一組皮革製作工具當作聖誕節禮物送給了他,從那時候起,Frank便瘋狂地愛上皮革製作及與之相關的各種事物,在取得MBA學位之後,Frank決定好好運用他對皮革的知識與熱情,創立了如今眾所皆知的Frank Clegg Leatherworks。

     「每個人都應該去做他們在人生中最享受的事,並將那件事做到最好。」是Frank Clegg Leatherworks從創立後便一直堅持的品牌理念,Frank Clegg Leatherworks結合特製的植物鞣皮革與實心的黃銅金屬,以經得起時間考驗的技藝,為講究的客人們製作出有著傳世品質和經典設計的優質產品。

     Frank Clegg Leatherworks對於能在美國設計、製造旗下所有產品感到無比自豪,每樣印著Clegg商標的產品,皆由他們訓練有素的團隊,於麻薩諸塞州佛爾里弗的工坊內親手完成。

     In 1970, Frank's girlfriend (now wife) gifted him a set of leather tools for Christmas. He quickly fell in love with the craft and the creative outlet it opened. After graduating college with his MBA, Frank built upon his new knowledge and passion for leather. This lead to the birth of what now is simply known as Frank Clegg Leatherworks.

     Frank Clegg Leatherworks was founded on the belief that one should do what they enjoy in life and be the best they can be. We strive to design and craft the highest quality leather goods for the most discerning customers. By using our custom vegetable tanned leathers, solid brass hardware and time tested techniques, we are able to provide our customer with an exceptional product of heirloom quality and timeless design.

     We state with pride that every piece of our collection is designed and made in America. All of the products that bear the Clegg name are made in our Fall River, Massachusetts, workshop by a highly skilled team, who share the pride of creating handmade products of unparalleled quality.

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