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     創立於1787年的Simonnot-Godard為法國境內唯一的頂級口袋巾製造商。最初,Simonnot是一間位於巴黎東部的零售店,而Godrad則是在法國北部擁有小型紡織廠的布料商,Louis Victor Simonnot與Marie Godard在1895年結為夫妻,之後這兩個家族便專注於生產上等亞麻、Chambray、家飾及床單布料。

     憑藉其卓越的品質,Simonnot-Godard從二十世紀開始便成為Chanel、Dior、Lanvin、Yves Saint Laurent、Patou的布料供應商,然而好景不長,隨著消費者越發將注意力放在品牌名氣,而非產品品質之時,Simonnot-Godard的生意也開始逐漸走下波,並在1960年代來到了破產的邊緣,這時,Simonnot家族中的Benjamin Simonnot站了出來,從他叔叔手中買下公司所有權,大刀闊斧地縮減產品線,使其重新成為以製作頂級口袋巾聞名的品牌。

     Simonnot-Godard的口袋巾都是由法國的工匠使用提花織機,以傳統工藝依照他們歷史悠久的設計圖樣製作而成,當廠內的匠人們選定一個圖案之後,他們會將每一條紗線挑出並獨立染色,以確保紗線顏色與圖樣的一致性。這些染完色的布料將會被送到法國東部Les Vosges山上的小工坊內,以當地純淨的泉水做最後的加工處理,完成一切程序之後,這些處理好的布料便會被運回巴黎的廠中受檢,最後再由專業的匠人親手裁切。


     Simonnot Godard set up in 1787 is the last french weaver of Luxury Handkerchiefs and pocket squares in France. During all XIX century, Simonnot Godard was specialized in production of fine linens, batistes, home and bed fabrics. Simonnot was a boutique in East of France and Godard was a fabricant based in Paris with all home weavers in north of France. In 1850, Louis Victor Simonnot married Marie Godard and we became only one family buisness.

     In XXth century, we started Haute Couture for ladies and suplly all ladies clothes and shirt fabrics for Chanel, Dior, Lanvin, Yves Saint Laurent, Patou… With the crisis in the seventies and bad management of my Uncle, Simonnot Godard was dying out. At that period, people did not care about quality and bought only brands for brands. Started in 1991 as a salesman in the family business, I finally bought the business to my Uncle in 1999 with my wife. We decided to concentrate and invest only in handkerchiefs and pocket squares and gave up all other products which were not competitive enough.

     Based on extensive archives design and old books, we still weave in our atelier in France with Jacquard technics and artisanal methods. Once an exclusive pattern is selected from our archives, we study and dye each colored yarns individually to match the original colors. When all doble ply cotton white and colored yarns are ready, we set up the warp and start weaving. Once woven, we visit the fabrics and send them to the treatment in "Les Vosges" East of France, litte mountains and special clean water. Here, in a small factory, we do the mercerising, washing, undergo the "blanchiement" (a special technique of bleaching) and sanfor. Once this operation is finished, all fabrics come back to our atelier for a final inspection before being sent to be cut and hand–rolled by skilled artisans (womens).

     From the yarn to the finished product five months are required to finish a Simonnot godard pocket square or Handkerchief . We are the last company producing handkerchiefs with traditioanl and artisanal methods, making the products very exclusive and luxurious.

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