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     2011年7月,成立於日本的Seven Fold公司,收購了一間位於義大利佛羅倫斯,以製作七褶領帶(sette pieghe)聞名,卻資金匱乏的手工領帶工坊——Tie Your Tie,此決策使sette pieghe這項近乎失傳的手藝得以保存下來,讓市場上講究的顧客們能繼續購買原汁原味的七褶領帶,Seven Fold對傳統工藝與品質的如此堅持,使公司內的每一位成員都能對自家產品感到驕傲。

     SEVEN FOLD was established in July 2011, following Japanese investment in a Florentine atelier famous for top quality handmade sette pieghe ties. The sette pieghe, almost a remnant of artisan craftsmanship, was saved by this lifeline and it now provides loyal customers with the continuation of traditional tie craft. The staff at Seven Fold SRL have unwavering dedication and pride in their products.

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