Rota的故事要由Ampelio Rota在1962年替「西褲」下了全新的註解後開始說起,原本被眾人視為西裝外套附屬品的西褲在他的堅持與努力下,成為了可以主宰男性穿搭的重要角色,Rota先生的品牌理念是將這些以優質面料製成、且剪裁合宜的西褲提供給眾人。



     Everything started in 1962 with Ampelio Rota, who developed a concept of trousers which, rather than being merely subordinate to jackets, played a leading role in menswear. His idea was that of offering beautifully cut, perfect-fitting trousers made with the best fabrics.

     Today Rota products are still like this, they are made in Fidenza's workshop and each phase of the process is supervised by the Rota brothers. The manufacturing methods have remained unchanged, as trousers' quality is ensured by tailoring workmanship. These skills really make the product different, since every seam is matched with ironing so that unparalleled quality can be achieved in making and wearability.

     Despite 50 years have elapsed, our manufacturing method and accuracy have never changed and, above all, our products are still 100% made in Italy.

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