Yoshiyuki Hayashi acted as the designer in the domestic denim industry for 20 years or more and he has been supported by denim fan from the dawn of denim. RESOLUTE is the brand which Yoshiyuki Hayashi newly started. RESOLUTE is a prejudice to a Japanese make, dyes from textiles, sewing and finish-all the processes are performed by the hand of the craftsman of skill of the Bingo area of Chugoku district. 

     The feature of the original cloth woven with the traditional dyeing method and the outdated loom is fluff understood perfectly. This fluff is just an element indispensable to existing clever decoloring. Fluff disappears from the portion against which a knee, the waist, a crotch, etc. rub, and the color falls from there as it puts on and adapts itself to the body. The portion which is light as for the portion whose fluff was lost, and remains is with a deep color. The shade of color produces exquisite color contrast in one denim.

     In order for the denim of RESOLUTE to put on and to be finished according to the hand, you have to continue putting on at least one year. Although Yoshiyuki Hayashi of RESOLUTE designer should say, it is the trousers which are not good-looking at first, if it puts on for a long time, it falls to the good blue. Only decoloring that adapts itself to the body and is born by putting on just because it is basic denim which does not dare to process it from there becomes best processing.

     RESOLUTE aims does not choose tops and shoes,it can unite with any coordinations, so to speak,the denim as a tool. Without it is caught by denim=american casual, RESOLUTE aims at the trousers which can perform stylishness of the grown-up denim of uniting with a well-tailored jacket and coat,or aligning a necktie with a dress shirt.

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