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     Orazio Luciano自1990年代初期便開始為優雅的男士們製作品質精良的正式與休閒衣物,經典的傳統風格以及出色的精湛技藝是Orazio Luciano的品牌基石,深受拿坡里裁縫的影響,創始人將現代的審美元素融入品牌之中,創造出能隨性穿搭的經典衣物,你能在每一套西裝、外套、大衣及細節之中發現最正統的拿坡里風情。

     Orazio Luciano的Bespoke、MTO或是RTW系列,皆是從一塊塊迷人的面料開始,由Orazio Luciano工坊內經驗豐富的裁縫師親手製作,對細節的專注、無可挑剔的剪裁與拿坡里的軟結構風格是Orazio Luciano引以為傲的資產,自品牌創立以來,Oraziao Luciano便勇於嘗試各種不同的技術,以瀑布袖、手縫扣眼及出名的軟式剪裁等低調的細節,挑戰傳統裁縫工法的極限,將不經意的優雅穿在身上,並適時地打破穿衣規則是Orazio Luciano的座右銘。

     對於當今的紳士們來說,Orazio Luciano完美詮釋了「新式裁縫」的特點,結合傳統工藝、優質布料與現代元素的RTW系列,受到世界各地知名男裝店家的認可與讚賞,Orazio Luciano的自家風格除了能加強穿著者的身形之外,更提供了無可比擬的舒適性,手縫的扣眼、適中的駁頭、稍寬的領片及其他工藝上的細節,更是Orazio Luciano作為一間經典男裝裁縫店的精神寫照。

     Orazio Luciano has been making high quality formal and casual garments for the elegant man since early 90's. Refined classicism and a touch of technical virtuosity are keynotes of the brand, inspired by Neapolitan tailoring, the founders create their models on contemporary modern lines with the objective to form garments worn with unrestricted ease, the Neapolitan flair is always there, present in each suit, in each jacket, in each cote and in each detail.

     In Orazio Luciano's workshop the cutters turn gorgeous fabrics into bespoke pieces, made to measure and ready to wear collections, attention to detail, perfection of cut and typical soft Neapolitan construction are the true heritage of the company. From the earliest days the brand has dared to experiment different techniques and push the traditional style boundaries with subtle details like an aggressive mappina, hand stitched buttonholes and a particularly notable effortless fit, Orazio Luciano likes to wear his elegance lightly while pushing the traditional wardrobe codes to make his own style statement.

     Orazio Luciano offers today's well-dressed man the best expression of modern tailoring. Its Ready-to-Wear collection conceived from hand-made craftsmanship, high quality fabrics and a modern touch has been recognized and praised by many prestigious sartorial retailers. The Orazio Luciano famous fit offers an unrivaled freedom of movement, which refines the body figure. Details like hand sewn buttonholes, dropped notch height, slightly broadened lapel and other stylistic devices perfectly symbolize the spirit of Orazio Luciano, a true Men's tailoring company.

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