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     成立於1767年、以維持傳統英國工藝為核心價值的Joshua Ellis一直與「奢侈」、「高品質」等字眼脫不了關係。以生產頂級手工羊絨(喀什米爾)布料及毛織品而聞名於世、並受到各大精品品牌推崇的他們,其產品皆由自家位於約克郡的紡織場內直接出口至世界各地超過二十多個國家的客戶手中。

     製作完美的布料與毛織品是Joshua Ellis多年以來的強項,除了每半年度推出的季節商品之外,他們也致力於開發專屬於客戶的特殊款式。直至今日,Joshua Ellis的產品線包含了多種不同的大衣與獵裝外套面料,以及素面與格紋樣式的圍巾、披肩及毛毯。除此之外,Joshua Ellis也是「Escorial」羊毛面料與毛織品在國際上為數不多的合作夥伴。觸感柔軟、奢華的Escorial羊毛最早由西班牙皇室所圈養的小型羊種——El Escorial所產出,這種特殊的綿羊如今只存活在紐西蘭與澳洲地區,數量稀少且不易繁殖。

     每樣Joshua Ellis的圍巾、披肩、毛毯與面料在達到完美的出廠狀態前皆會經過二十一道工序處理,正是對工藝細節的如此追求才使Joshua Ellis從眾多毛織品製造商中脫穎而出,成為業界公認的頂級毛織品專家。

     Established in 1767, Joshua Ellis celebrates a distinguished heritage of British manufacturing with a steadfast reputation for luxury and quality. Renowned the world over for producing the finest handcrafted cashmere and woollen cloth and scarves, our products are highly sought after by luxury fashion houses and exported from our Yorkshire mill to over 23 countries.

     Creating the perfect cloth or accessory is our forte. We produce biannual collections for inspiration as well as working collaboratively with clients on bespoke designs. Concurrently we have stock supported ranges of overcoating and jacketing fabrics plus a wide range of plain and tartan scarves, stoles and throws. Joshua Ellis is proud to be the exclusive global partner for luxury Escorial woollen fabrics and accessories. Escorial is a rare and luxurious wool from a small sheep, originating from the Spanish flocks of El Escorial, and today only to be found in small numbers in Australia and New Zealand.

     Every Joshua Ellis scarf, stole, throw or fabric is unique and goes through 21 different processes before it is deemed perfect for sale. It is in the finishing of our products that the telling difference with Joshua Ellis Is seen, so unrelenting is our attention to detail. It is in the way we wash, burst, teasel, crop and press the natural fibres that sets us apart.

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