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     誕生於1977年英國倫敦東區絲織品工業重地——斯皮塔佛德的Drake's,起初是一間男性圍巾、披肩與毯子製造商,旗下的產品在巴黎、米蘭和東京的高階精品市場及傳統裁縫店中,都有著一群忠心的支持者,品牌創辦人Michael Drake在深思熟慮之後,決定將手工領帶與口袋巾加入生產線,這項決策取得了空前的成功,手工領帶與口袋巾很快成為了公司的重點產品。

     在現任創意總監Michael Hill的帶領之下,Drake's在創造舒適且優雅的經典單品之餘,持續擴展產品線,如今,他們的經典商品包含義大利製的軟結構服飾、蘇格蘭製的精美針織品及Drake's於索美賽特郡查爾德工廠所製的自家襯衫。

     Drake's began life in East London in 1977, a stone’s throw from the city's silk weaving roots in Spitalfields. Originally a maker of men's 'Scarves, Shawls and Plaids,' the company found a loyal following amongst both high fashion boutiques and conservative tailoring houses in the most discerning markets of Paris, Milan and Tokyo. The company soon began producing handmade ties and handkerchiefs under the watchful eye of eponymous founder, Michael Drake, which quickly took up their place at the heart of the business.

     Now under the guidance of Creative Director Michael Hill, Drake's has expanded its offer to fully embody the principle of relaxed elegance, producing soft tailoring in Italy, exquisite knitwear in Scotland, and shirts in the brand's very own shirt factory in Chard, Somerset, all the while remaining faithful to the well-established Drake's handwriting.  

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