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     成立於英國製鞋重鎮——北安普頓的Crockett & Jones從1879年開始,便不斷地製造世界上最優質的鞋履,直至今日,這家企業仍是由將品質與經典擺在第一位的Crockett & Jones自家人來管理。

     至2016年,Crockett & Jones已於世界各地三十多個國家、超過十二個品牌通路中販售,在這135年來的歲月裡,Crockett & Jones仍然對自家鞋履的細節、品質、舒適性及耐用度有著無比的堅持,嚴格遵守由創辦人James Crockett爵士和Charles Jones所立下的高標準。

     Since 1879 Crockett & Jones has produced some of the world's finest footwear from their factory in Northampton, the shoemaking capital of England. To this current day, the business is owned and managed by the founding family, who emphasise quality and timeless style above all else.

     By 2016, Crockett & Jones shoes were being exported to nearly 30 countries around the world alongside a retail network of 12 own brand stores. After more than 135 years the shoes still retain the attention to detail, quality, comfort and durability that was the hallmark of their founders, Sir James Crockett and Charles Jones.

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