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     由家族經營的Corgi Socks成功將傳統生產技術與現代設計做結合,製作出高品質且深具個人特色的襪子與針織品,自1892年創立以來,Corgi Socks從未離開它位於威爾斯採礦小鎮的發源地,初期只為採礦工人製作襪子的他們,如今已然成為享譽國際的頂級品牌,在這一百多年的時間以來,Corgi Socks一直對自身豐富的歷史與傳統感到驕傲,且未曾改變他們的初衷,持續為顧客提供最高品質的產品與服務。

     1989年,長年為英國皇室成員提供襪子與針織品的Corgi Socks,得到了來自威爾斯親王的英國皇室認證。

     A family-run company combining traditional production methods with a contemporary approach to design, Corgi produces luxury socks and knitwear with a distinctly designer edge.

     Established in 1892, the company is still located in the small Welsh mining village in which its story began. However, far from its humble beginnings as a sock maker for local miners, Corgi has gone on to develop a global reputation as the go-to luxury sock brand.

     Throughout this, Corgi has remained fiercely proud of its history and heritage and maintains the commitment to quality that has always been at the heart of the brand.

     In 1989, Corgi was awarded a Royal Warrant by HRH the Prince of Wales, and continues to supply him and other members of the Royal family with socks and other knitted goods.

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