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Cappellificio Biellese 1935


     有鑒於現任創意總監Alberto Benigni對服飾的熱愛與堅持,這個曾消失於歷史洪流中的帽子品牌——Cappellificio Biellese才得以復興,並重新出現在世人眼前,Cappellificio Biellese成立於1935年義大利皮埃蒙特北邊的一個小山谷——Cervo Valley,在當時,製帽為這個小鎮賴以維生的主要產業,在下定決心要重振這個品牌之後,Alberto Benigni與他的團隊不斷在Cappellificio Biellese塵封已久的檔案庫中尋找能使用的圖案、照片與設計圖樣,並以此為依據開始生產帽子。

     Cappellificio Biellese除了使用粗花呢、法蘭絨與羊毛面料等天然纖維來製作帽子之外,設計團隊堅持以自家的傳統樣式與古董布料作為基石,並融入現代審美元素,進而推出經得起時間考驗的經典產品。

      In our love of clothing, we discovered a brand that had been lost deeply connected to us and we thought that others might feel the same.

     The brand is Cappellificio Biellese, a brand started in Valle Cervo, a small valley in the north of Piemonte, all the way back in 1935. In that period hats production was very important in our small villages. We have been working through the archives to find pictures, photos and patterns.

     We make hats and caps made by special fabrics. We like tweeds, flannels, wool cloths. They are made with love, not just for profit.
Slowly, we will re-introduce old models and old clothes found in the archive but reinvented with a new twist.

     In a world of never ending fashion cycles, these pieces make sense… forever classics!

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