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     成立於蘇格蘭佩斯利鎮的Begg & Co自創辦人——Alex Begg於1866年與當地的工匠合作生產第一組羊毛披肩之後,便一直處於紡織科技產業的最前線。除了以紡織科技聞名之外,Begg & Co在早期所製作的「佩斯里」披肩也使這個小鎮成為了變形蟲圖騰的代名詞。如今,世界上只剩兩條原汁原味的佩斯里披肩,一條由Begg & Co完善地保存著,而另外一條則在佩斯里博物館展出。

     1902年,為了能取得更大的空間以利於新機器的投資與技術的開發,Begg & Co將公司搬到了蘇格蘭西南方海岸邊的艾爾鎮。歷經了一百五十年,Begg & Co仍然對「創新」有著不變的堅持,以豐富的經驗作為基石並努力不懈地尋找業界最前端且完善的生產技術,只為將最優質的產品呈現給消費者。

     Originally established in the Scottish town of Paisley, Begg & Co have been at the forefront of weaving technology since 1866, when founder Alex Begg started producing woollen shawls with a small team of trusted local weavers. Paisley had become a focal point for the progressive weaving community during Victorian times, and was synonymous with the iconic teardrop pattern used by Begg & Co to create some of the earliest surviving paisley shawls. Only two examples remain – one has been carefully preserved by the Begg family, the other is on display in the Paisley Museum.

     In 1902 the company relocated to Ayr on Scotland’s south-west coast, a move that allowed Begg the space to invest in new machinery, and begin to develop a range of cutting-edge, exploratory weaving techniques. 150 years later, this commitment to innovation still stands, with Begg & Co renowned as a brand who are astute enough to use their experience as the firm foundation from which they can continuously pioneer new, and highly sophisticated methods of production.


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