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     Anderson's由位於義大利帕爾馬省、長年從事皮革生產的Carlo Valenti所創立,在短短幾年內,他的工廠與工匠們便以傑出的工藝與品質而聞名,Valenti開發了獨家的製作工法與皮革處理程序,引進專業級的設備並與傳統手藝做結合,使經驗豐富的匠人們能以業界最新的技術,製作出頂級的皮革製品。

     作為一名徹頭徹尾的「英國愛好者」,Valenti以他最愛的薩維街裁縫Anderson & Sheppard為自己的公司命名,在1980年代末期,Anderson's已然具備由代工廠轉型為品牌的資本,並著手開發數款如今被視為品牌代表作的經典商品。


     The company was founded by Carlo Valenti, one of a long line of Parma leather workers. His factory (and the people who worked in it) quickly established a reputation for quality and craftsmanship. They developed new techniques and finishes, matched handcrafting with expert tooling, new technologies with the experienced eye.

     A dedicated Anglophile, Valenti named the company after Anderson and Sheppard, his favoured Savile Row maker. By the late 1980s, Anderson's was ready to develop from a factory to its own brand, and to build it around what would become an iconic design.

     Anderson's belts—from the multicolour stretch belt, in hundreds of different combinations, the handmade woven tubular belt, in numerous colour variations, to traditional hand-tooled saddle leather belts, belts in suede and nappa and exotic skins—now sell across the world. They are stocked in cutting-edge independents, traditional tailors and giant department stores in over 80 different countries.

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