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Albert Thurston


     成立於1820年的Albert Thurston已然成為高品質男性配件的代名詞,其生產的吊帶更是被世界各地的國王、貴族、總統與商業巨擘所喜愛。

     Thurston吊帶的品質與名聲更在二十世紀達到了巔峰,1939年,當知名英國演員Ralph Richardson爵士被問到該如何應對即將爆發的戰爭時答道:「我向薩維街的裁縫購買了半打以上的Thurston吊帶,以免售鑿。」

     By now, Albert Thurston had become a by-word for quality in gentlemens' accessories, and their braces and suspenders were destined to be sported by kings, princes, presidents and successful businessmen across the world over the next 2 centuries.

     Into the twentieth century, Thurston's reputation for quality and style has continued to grow. When asked for his reaction to the outbreak of war in 1939, actor Sir Ralph Richardson replied that he had gone straight to his tailor on Savile Row and purchased half a dozen pairs of Thurston braces in case they might be in short supply.

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