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     19 Andrea's 47誕生於對「義大利製造」的堅持,所有的紡織品皆使用上好的紗線、特殊的織法、獨家的圖樣及純手工的染色技術,由訓練有素的匠人們以古董織布機織出。

     每樣19 Andrea's 47的產品都是於義大利境內自家的廠房或工坊內完成製作,如此高標準的品質控管使19 Andrea's 47出現在全世界最優秀的商家之中。

     19 Andrea's 47 is born with the desire to create a product entirely manufactured in Italy. The fabrics are still produced on antique shuttle looms, embellished with fine yarns, weaves effects, exclusive prints and manual paintworks.

     The entire production chain is carried out on national territory. In part, within the company, in part in highly specialized laboratories. The full certification of the supply chain and its high quality standards allow us to distribute our items in the best boutiques all around the world.

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